2020 Rules and Regulations


October 19, 2020: Please stay tuned for updates about rescheduling plans.



Second Annual Lowcountry Bottom Fishing Rodeo - Benefiting Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy


1.Eligible Fish

Inshore: flounder, sea trout, sheepshead

Bottom: amberjack, black sea bass, grouper, vermilion snapper, triggerfish

Offshore: king mackerel

2.Fishing begins at 6:50 AM on October 18, 2020.

3.No more than 6 lines per boat. All fish must be caught on rods and reels.

4.Once fishing lines have been deployed, you cannot pass any items to another boat, except in emergency situations.

5.Only one grand prize award per species, per anger category. You may enter as many fish as you want, but may only win one 1st place per angler.

6.All fish may be subject to Tory Meter test and/or to be cut open for inspection. If any lead/foreign material is found, all entries from said angler will be disqualified.

7.All decisions made by the rules committee and/or grievance committee are final. Any protest must be submitted in writing with applicable protest fee ($75.00) to the committee chairman within 30 minutes after the last boat is weighed in.

8.This is a one day fishing tournament. If the national weather service has issued any small craft advisory on VHF Channel 1 by their 5 AM update on Sunday, October 18th, the fishing committee will make a determination for a future date. It is the sole discretion of the captain to allow his or her vessel to fish. All captains and/or owners are responsible for their vessel and crew.

9.In the event that the tournament is canceled, all entry fees less $10 per angler will be returned by check, via mail, within 30 days.

10.The optional Captain’s Meeting on October 9, 2020 at the James Island Yacht Club. The evening begins at 5:30pm and the informational section of the meeting begins at 7:00pm. It is each anglers responsibility to become aware of clarifications or rule changes. Rules are included on the tournament website:  ccc.profishingtournaments.com. Anglers do not receive ID numbers.

11.In the event of ties for awards, the earliest weigh in will determine the winner.

12.There is no restriction on port of exit or return. Fishing is to be within South Carolina state lines straight out from Little River (North) and Savannah River (South). Inshore species are to be caught in open navigational waters and estuaries. Inshore fish are not permitted to be caught from impoundments, salt ponds with dams or dykes, neighborhood lakes or areas with man-made restrictions to flow and boat traffic.

13.All fish must be weighed in at the official weigh station as designated by the JIYC committee. Offshore species must be brought in by boat.

14.Weigh in will take place on Sunday, October 18th on the day of the tournament. Each angler is responsible for bringing their fish to be weighed, and removing their fish from the premises.

15.Tying up to the dock at the JIYC for any reason other than dropping an angler off to weigh a fish is prohibited, so as to make room for all anglers to be dropped off. If you would like to take advantage of a contact-free option, radio the fishing chair for a volunteer to transport fish to weigh station.

16.Mutilated fish will not be accepted for weigh in and all fish shall be caught in open navigable waters.

17.All fishing regulations as set by the Department of Natural Resources must be followed for any entry to be valid in this tournament. Adherence to these regulations and state and federal laws are each angler’s responsibility.

18.All fish entered into the tournament must be caught on the day of the tournament within the allotted hours of the tournament.

19.Anglers register for the tournament online at: ccc.profishingtournaments.com. In person registration at the James Island Yacht Club on October 9, 2020 is allowed, online registration is preferred. Anglers need to be registered by Friday, October 16, 2020. At 7:00pm est. It is the angler’s responsibility to verify registration via receiving an email by Friday, October 16, 2020 by 7pm.

20.Tournament committee reserves the right to change rules based on weather, or any other circumstance or reason it sees fit, at any time.

21.Tournament VHF channel will be #72. All boats must have a VHF with channel #72 and #16.

22.Please check the JIYC web site for any changes or updates.

23.No late registration.

24.No late weigh ins. If you are not on the JIYC premises at the end of weigh in time, you will not be allowed to weigh your fish.

25.You must provide Social Security number to receive cash prizes.